Electric Current Transformer Core

Electric Current Transformer Core
Performance characteristic: 
High permeability (smaller angle difference and the ratio difference), and compared to Permalloy higher saturation flux density, low loss, excellent temperature stability. 

Transformer cores for high frequency switch mode power supplies 
Current transformer cores for electric industry 
Transformer cores for ground-fault-interrupters 
Cores for filters, storage inductors, and reactors 
EMC common mode chokes 
Sensor cores 
Cores for saturable reactors, magnetic amplifiers, beads, and pulse compressors
Saturate Induction 1.25T Hardness Hv 880kg/mm2
Curie Temperature 560  degree C Density 7.2g/cm3
Crystallization Temperature 510 degree C Resistivity 130μ Ω -cm
Saturate Magnetostriction 2× 10-6    
Magnetic properties:   
Product type Transverse field annealed No field annealed Longitudinal field annealed
Initial permeability > 3× 104 > 8× 104 > 1× 104
Maximum permeability > 5× 104 > 45× 104 > 50× 104
Remanence < 0.2T 0.6T > 0.85T
Coercivity < 1.8A/m < 0.8A/m < 1.8A/m
Core loss (20kHz, 0.5T) < 50 W/kg < 25W/kg < 90W/kg
Core loss (100kHz, 0.3T) < 150W/kg < 150W/kg < 300W/kg
Variation of core loss (-55-125) < 15% < 15% < 15%


Product Origin: China
Model Number: RF-002
Brand Name:  

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