Amorphous Alloy Strip

Amorphous Alloy Strip

1 Medium frequency transformer cores in heating equipment

2 Toroidal gapless cores as SMPS output inductors, differential input inductors

3 Toroidal gapless cores as noise preventive chokes in car audio,car navigation system

4 Toroidal gap cores for PFC use in air conditioner, plasma TV set

5 High frequency rectangular cut cores as output inductors and transformers in SMPS,UPS etc.

6 Toroidal gapless cores as pulse transformer for driving IGBTs,MOSFETs and GTOs

7 Amorphous stators and rotors in high power density variable speed electric motors and generators


Highest saturate induction among amorphous alloys??Reduce component volume

Low coercivity Promote component efficiency

Low core loss Reduce device temperature rise

Variable permeability  Satisfy the various application requirements depending on different core heat treatment

Excellent stability Having highest serving temperature of 130oC

Product Origin: China
Model Number: RF-003
Brand Name:  

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